2018 Annual Report

Working together for a community free of violence

Since 1987, Safehome has provided services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in the Alleghany Highlands.  Services include our emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling and advocacy for survivors, support groups, criminal justice support, and advocacy and educational presentations throughout the community.

We serve the City of Covington, Alleghany, Bath and Highland Counties, and the towns of Clifton Forge and Iron Gate.  We advocate for women, children, and men that are experiencing domestic and sexual violence.  All services are confidential and free of charge.  Safehome staff members are very passionate about helping those who have experienced violence in their lives.  They are dedicated, supportive and work hard every day to help survivors move towards a violence-free life.

Wanda Moore is the Executive Director.  She brings over 30 years of experience in the Human Service field and is dedicated to leading the agency in fulfilling the mission of seeing our communities free from domestic violence.  Direct service staff includes Mary Downer, court advocate, Kim Roldan, underserved outreach advocate, Ashly Morris, outreach coordinator, Doreen Davis, adult survivor counselor, Jennifer Diehl, children's counselor, Tammy Levere, volunteer coordinator,  Sherrie Morton, residential services director.  Our night and weekend staff include Suzie Brougfman, Carmen Landis, Sa’Nika Allen, Shannon Ball, Emmy Franco, Debbie Cash, and Alex Mills. 

Mary Downer has been providing support and advocacy to survivors in the criminal justice system for over 20 years.  Mary also provides parenting classes and is certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia to provide the classes.

Doreen Davis and Jennifer Diehl have been busy this year providing counseling to survivors and secondary victims of violence in all counties we serve accomplishing a goal we set last year.  Jennifer provides counseling for youth survivors in all of the schools in our service areas. Empowerment classes and support groups are also provided by our adult counselor.

Ashly Morris provides outreach and education related to domestic and sexual violence.  She works within the school systems, retirement communities, and local church and civic groups to bring awareness on the subject of domestic and sexual violence. 

Kim Roldan provides outreach in the underserved populations, primarily the elderly, African American and Latina, LGBTQ and Intellectual Disabled survivors.  Our outreach staff is available to any organization or business that wishes to learn about Safehome and how they can help support someone experiencing violence in their lives. 

Sherrie Morton provides support and advocacy to shelter guests, supervises night staff and manages the shelter.  This includes donations that the community generously contributes to Safehome.

Tammy Levere is our volunteer coordinator.  She holds week-long training several times a year to train qualified individuals in the community to become a volunteer for Safehome.  Tammy also assists with some of the Administrative duties.

Great progress has been made toward fulfilling our mission, but the need for these essential services remains of vital importance.  Your generous contributions will sustain our efforts to make a difference in this community.  The staff, volunteers, clients, and board of Safehome deeply appreciate your support. 

Survivors of domestic, dating and sexual violence are asked by staff to anonymously fill out a survey, documenting our work so that we can have feedback as to how well we are providing services to survivors.  These results are tallied by an independent researcher and entered into our computer data collection center called VaData.  We can then run a report and here are some of the response.

From the voice of Survivors of domestic and sexual violence

  1. "I feel like I have lost my independence, but I am grateful for Safehome.  If Safehome wasn't here, me and my son would be living with abusive people and exposed to drugs and violence."


  1. "Y'all helped me see who I was before all the bad stuff happened. Safehome helped me get back home and away from being beat up."


     3. "I felt really lost.  I would probably still be in a dangerous situation if I weren't here. I have plans for my future now, and I know I have a good future now."


  1. "It took me 5 times to leave my abuser.  After the last beating, I just knew that next time he would kill me. Safehome staff never made feel bad about myself for going back so many times.  They just kept telling me that they were here for me. And now I am finally free!"


  1. " You gave me the words of kindness I needed, the non-judgement and acceptance I needed.  You are 
    Angels and for that I will always love you."


  1. "You make a difference. I would have been dead a long time ago.  Now I live this good life!"


  1. I only hope you know you helped a fellow queen find her own happiness.  It took a village of wonderful women to give one a life she only dreamed of."

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