Types of DV

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Scratches, bites, grabs or hits
  • Shakes, shoves, or slaps
  • Strangles or restrains partner
  • Confines partner
  • Withholds food as punishment
  • Throws objects at partner
  • Refuses to help when partner is sick
  • Withholds medication or treatment
  • Attacks partner with weapons
  • Murders partner

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Calls partner sexual names
  • Accuses partner of promiscuity
  • Pressures partner to have sex
  • Withholds sex as punishment
  • Forces sexual acts by manipulation
  • Rapes partner
  • Inflicts injuries that are sex-specific
  • Denies contraception or protection
  • Coerces partner into sexual acts that are uncomfortable or degrading

Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Verbally abuses partner
  • Plays mental mind games to manipulate
  • Ignores partner’s feelings
  • Attacks partner’s vulnerabilities
  • Withholds affection as punishment
  • Threatens to leave partner
  • Stalks partner

Economic Abuse

Economic abuse can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Controls partner’s finances
  • Denies partner’s financial means
  • Ruins partner’s credit rating
  • Refuses to allow partner to pursue employment or education

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