How We Help

Safehome provides a wide range of services to provide support and advocacy to victims and survivors of domestic, dating and sexual violence. 

Crisis Hotline

Trained employees and volunteers answer our crisis intervention hotline 24 hours a day with compassion and care – assessing a person’s safety and providing community referrals when needed. Once we have established that someone is ready to leave the abusive relationship, we will conduct an assessment to ensure that our location is safe, and we assist with the development of a safety plan to help the client arrive safely to our confidential location.

If you or someone you know is in need of shelter call our Crisis Intervention Hotline at 540-965-3237.

Emergency Shelter

Safehome provides free and confidential temporary emergency shelter for those in danger.  No referral needed.  Staff is available 24 hours a day to assist those in need of shelter.  Our shelter guests are offered a safe, comfortable place to stay while we assess their needs and provide them with services to meet their basic needs, community referrals, assistance with childcare, employment services and house options.

For more information on our emergency shelter, please call our hotline at 540-965-3237.


Safehome staff provides free and confidential advocacy to anyone who has experienced domestic or sexual abuse.  This includes secondary victims as well – those who witnessed abuse. Our services extend to anyone not just residents residing in the emergency shelter. We offer both group and individual support.

For more information on our advocacy services, please call our hotline at 540-965-3237.

Education and Outreach

Safehome is often recognized for its educational programs and outreach awareness events.  Our outreach team specializes in providing education on the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence throughout our community.  All educational presentations are free of charge.  We provide presentations to faith-based organizations, schools (from elementary to college), local businesses, clubs and any group who wishes to learn more about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence.

For more information on our education and outreach programs, or to schedule a presentation, please call our hotline at 540-965-3237.

Court Advocacy

Safehome’s court advocacy program provides support to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence throughout the legal process.  The court advocate can provide information on the criminal justice system, filing a report, investigations, protective orders, filing for custody or divorce and more.  The court advocate can accompany clients to court and any appointments as needed.

To speak with our court advocate, please call our hotline a 540-965-3237.

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